magnesYouth Magnet -a space for youth

YOUTH MAGNET – a space for youth


A common problem was formulated at the county level, that young people need a place where they can meet and organize their programs. We are creating the youth space as a response to this demand.

The primary purpose of this youth space is to create a comfortable community venue for meetings, building relationships, even for relaxation, and for the implementation of any other youngsters related programs. This space offers young people the opportunity to organize their meetings, meet friends and new people, young people can get first-hand information about youth events to be held in our county, and with the start of the registration process, we can create our databases, which will allow us to communicate even more effectively with active youth.

The place will be open not only to youth and civic organizations, but also to individual interested parties, thus involving new people in community activities, association or institutional life.

Although ​​the Youth Magnet was created in regard with the 2022 European Youth Year, we want to mantain this space active in the long term.

This year, the Youth Magnet will also have an online communication interface, within a  smartphone application, which is also being created as part of the TalentMagnet project. This platform will be a virtual repository of the programs and opportunities that take place here.

For us, it is extremely important to develop a closer relationship with young people, the youth space proves to be a long-term, unique  initiative, so we are confident that there will be a great demand from the youth as well.