Traditions and built heritage

Cultural Harghita

Harghita County is rich in cultural heritage, which needs to be preserved and promoted in order to ensure its survival for posterity. Our aim is to familiarise young people with their heritage and thus help them to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge of the place, which they can identify.

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Week of Country Houses during the Harghita County days

Every spring, the owners of the country houses and ethnographic collections connected to the program, open their doors to the general public. The collectors present the local collection in a form organised on one day of the Week of country Houses, in addition to the occasional artisanal workshops or cultural programmes, among others, reciting competitions, exhibitions, folk children’s games and gastronomic demonstrations will be organised. We organise a bus trip every year during the week of the country Houses. The participants of the excursion can participate in the programs by visiting Harghita county, thus getting acquainted with the values of our folk culture.

We recommend our short films about Harghita country houses on the website:

(Source: Hargita Megyei Hagyományőrzési Forrásközpont)