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Evergreen Harghita county

Harghita county is situated in the eastern part of Transylvania, on the central banks of the Eastern Carpathians and in the pools between them. Its area is 6 639 km², one-third of which is mainly pine forest, so we can rightly speak of the evergreen Harghita county in this sense.


Europe’s largest brown bear population

Europe’s largest brown bear population, deer, wolves, and swift trout in the streams await the visitor. There are 35 protected areas and national parks in Harghita County. The most important of these is unique in Europe — or perhaps all over the world.


Developing tourism

Investors should bear in mind the explosive development of recent years that has taken place in this sector. With the development of infrastructure, the number of tourists is increasing every year, and tourist entertainment centres are constantly being built. However, given the natural conditions of the county, there are still a lot of investment opportunities.


Bicaz Strait

The Bicaz Strait is located in the northeastern part of Romania in the Great Onion Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. The DN12C road is crossed by the Békás stream, which creates a road link between two historically important major regions, Transylvania and Moldova.

The depressing vertical walls, the mountain streams, the larger and smaller waterfalls, and the caves are the gems of the natural treasure chest of the Bicasi Strait. Moving towards the Bicaz Strait, on the left side of the road the cliffs of the Fairy Garden accompany us along our way, and then immediately the huge cross on the top comes to our eyes. It is called Oltár-kő, whose height is 1156 meters, and was first conquered by Saxon alpinists from Brasov in 1934.


The bear watching hides

Visitors will be able to see the county’s wildlife and diverse flora in a natural environment and can observe the lifestyle of the wild animals. Unlike the zoo environment, natural behavior between the adult bear and its cubs can be observed.

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Heart of Jesus Statue and viewpoint on Gordon’s Roof

In 2011 the tallest statue of Christ in Eastern Europe was built on the Gordon roof between Odorheiu Secuiesc and Praid in Harghita county. The approximately 22 meters tall statue named after the Heart of Jesus was made of iron and stainless steel; the cost of its construction of EUR 200.000 was covered by donations collected by the municipality of Farkaslaka.

Inside the statue, a spiral staircase made of metal leads up to the head of the statue, from which a breathtaking view rewards the enterprising ones.

Photo: Mihálydeák Antal


Mini Transylvania Park

Walk around Transylvania in one day!
The mini Transylvania Park is the only multicultural, thematic model park in Romania, where visitors can see a small replica of Transylvania’s most important historic buildings. The park is located in Szejkefürdő, at the border of Odorheiu Secuiesc.

In the area of about 8,000 square meters we recommend to our visitors:

  • our open-air exhibition presents the models of more than 80 of Transylvania’s most important castles, fortified churches, castles and other historic buildings
  • most of these are national heritage and UNESCO World Heritage Sites;
  • a tour of the Mini Szekler steamer which is unique in the country;
  • the possibility to go for a carriage ride with a buffalo;
  • Mineral water museum;
  • The Szekler Gate Exhibition;
  • the Orban Balázs Visitor Centre;
  • our playground

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Mary’s Way

For those who wish to recharge their physical and spiritual batteries, the Pilgrimage of Mary also offers the opportunity to discover the magnificent and eye-catching landscapes of Harghita County.There are several alternatives to the pilgrimage. Whether you want to visit the pilgrimage on foot, by bike or on horseback, you have a cordial welcome for everyone in Harghita County. Find out more:


The Golden Rose of Our Lady of Csíksomlyo

The Golden Rose (Rosa d’Oro) is a special gift from the popes that is now donated to Mary’s shrines. This award was presented by Pope Francis to Csíksomlyó on June 1 2019, as a sign of Mary’s honor. It is currently the only golden rose in the Carpathian Basin.

Originally, in the service of the Church, the Popes donated the golden rose to those who had great merits. The custom was first mentioned in 1049, in a context where the pope bestowed the rose to an excellent official. Later it was awarded to kings, later by bodies, and in the 13th and 14th centuries, it was given to churches. The first woman to take over was Johanna I of Naples, Queen of Naples in 1368. from the 17th century onwards, the Pope gave the award to female members of royal families for their virtues and ministry.

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Lake Saint Anne

Lake Saint Anne is the only volcanic lake in Central and Eastern Europe and the most visited tourist destination in Szeklerland.

The lake is surrounded by steep walls of the volcanic cone of Mountain Csomad, some of its higher points: Great-Csomad (1 301 m), Kis-Csomád (1 238 m), Taca Hill (1 174 m) and Kövesponk (1 125 m).

According to official data, the natural treasure which is unique in Europe, is located 946 metres above sea level, with a maximum diameter of 1,737 metres and a maximum depth of 7 metres.

From the edge of the crater, 13 temporary brooks, which form during heavy rains, bring water and gravel into the lake

Bobsleigh track – Gyimes slopes

The bobsleigh track at Gyimesfelsőloki, which is open all year round, has quickly become very popular with tourists and adrenaline junkies visiting the Gyimesek, who find the 1300-metre track an unforgettable experience. This novel experience is complemented by breathtaking views, which many compare to the mountainous terrain of Austria and Switzerland.