Forms of support for young people

The support possibilities of the Harghita County Employee Agency include: newly graduated young people who start working after graduating from school receive an allowance of 1,500 lei, and if they fail to find a job immediately and register in the unemployment class within 60 days, they can apply for an unemployment allowance of 250 lei. Entrepreneurs employing newly graduated young

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Additional support may be requested together with heating support

On the basis of the methodology of application of the Act regulating heating subsidies, the eligibility threshold has increased, the list of exclusive goods has not changed, the state provides additional support, and the deadline for submission of lumps of claim documents has been extended. Below is a summary of the most important information. The method of heating support is

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Attention to beekeepers

The Government’s decision to grant 23,7 lei per bee colony under the ‘unfavourable hydrometeorological conditions to compensate for the effects of phenomena in the period March-May 2021’ was adopted. Applicants must meet the following conditions: a) Bee colonies are registered in the national apiculture database until 1 March 2021, according to a uniform system for the identification of apiaries and

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Application Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence Developing Enterprises

Submitted by: KITT4SME You can apply for: H2020 is an SME established in eligible countries with a mature AI solution for SMEs in the production sector. The aim of the programme is: KITT4SME will support AI companies up to EUR 100 000 to integrate their solutions for SMEs in the production sector into the KITT4SME platform. Eligible activities: Applicants must integrate

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Mountain Rescue Camp

The Mountain and Cave Rescue Service of Harghita County Council has recently paid a lot of attention to the education and training of young people in the field of mountain rescue, but not only. Since it’s a long and hard way to go to become a mountain rescuer, our public service has helped and facilitated the activities of young people

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Foreign language education

The Csányi Foundation in Hungary has been working with the Directorate for Social and Child Protection of Harghita County since 2011. The English and German language camp was organized by Csányi Foundation for the 10th time this year. Registers in the Secuiesc Facebook link The winners of the Csányi Foundation language competition were able to improve their language skills in

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Me, the leader

At the workshop “I, the Leader”, qualified trainers provide leadership training for high school students. This includes improving young people’s skills and competences to better manage school or other types of community activities. What’s it even about? Between 21 and 23 June, we will organize a leadership training in the incubator house for students of 11st and/or 12nd grade who

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