Additional support may be requested together with heating support

On the basis of the methodology of application of the Act regulating heating subsidies, the eligibility threshold has increased, the list of exclusive goods has not changed, the state provides additional support, and the deadline for submission of lumps of claim documents has been extended. Below is a summary of the most important information.

The method of heating support is regulated by Law 2021/226, but in the absence of an application methodology, its application had to be suspended. Government Decision 2021/1073 clarifies the methodology and the two main novelties are the increased threshold and the introduction of additional support.

As a first step, stakeholders should take into account thresholds: consumers using natural gas, electricity, firewood, coal and heating oil for housing heating shall receive a heating subsidy provided that the average monthly net income per capita does not exceed 1386 lei for families or persons living alone. In the case of district heating, the threshold is also 1386 lei for families, but for people living alone, the threshold is 2053 lei.

Before submitting your request, please consult the list of non-subsidised goods.

For detailed information, click on the following link:!hu/h1/2/3388/a-futestamogatassal-egyutt-kiegeszito-tamogatas-is-igenyelheto.htm

The First House Program has also been published in Romania

As part of the preferential mortgage loan scheme, which has been in operation since 2009 and is one of the engines of the construction industry, the State continues to support young people’s access to housing by taking over a significant part of the loan, and it has not changed that the loan remains available only to persons who buy housing for the first time.

According to the legislation adopted, the State guarantees a 50 % State guarantee only for those properties that are classified as residential real estate and were handed over most five years before the application for a loan was submitted.

They are also included in the category of newly built dwellings, so the state also undertakes a 50 % loan guarantee for residential properties that are not newly built, but most 5 years before the submission of the loan application for the purchase of housing in the programme they have undergone refurbishment works aimed at strengthening the building and reducing the risks associated with earthquakes.

An important detail for borrowers will be that according to the methodology of the programme, the five-year period that is important for the categorisation of new dwellings does not start from the completion of the works, but from the takeover of the works. Another important change is that, according to the government’s statement, in order to avoid excessive bureaucracy, the National Guarantee Fund for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (FNGCIMM) will be responsible for issuing so-called mortgage relief documents and dismantling the ban on the sale of real estate.


Forms of support for young people

The support possibilities of the Harghita County Employee Agency include: newly graduated young people who start working after graduating from school receive an allowance of 1,500 lei, and if they fail to find a job immediately and register in the unemployment class within 60 days, they can apply for an unemployment allowance of 250 lei. Entrepreneurs employing newly graduated young people can claim 2,250 lei per month for a year. Mobility allowances can be claimed by faiatals who find work more than 50 km away, and they can apply for a grant of up to 900 lei.

Economic Conciliation Council of Harghita County established

At the first forum of the Economic Conciliation Council of Harghita County in 2016, the representative of the town of Borszék presented their project to support young people:

The program was launched in 2003 that the local government will provide 500 m² of space for young people who want to stay and build at home. There is a constant demand. In 2008, another ten areas were allocated. The municipality has undertaken to provide the necessary infrastructure, i.e. it has built up the electricity, water, sewage and road network. A further 26 parcels are currently being allocated. The commission is now trying to score and rank requests as there are significantly more requests than parcels. The municipality has supplemented Act No 15 with a decision, which includes conditions to live in Borszék for at least 15 years or to have an employment relationship for at least 15 years for him or his partner. We also give preference to those who have a higher education degree, as there is a need for specialists. You can also get extra points after the number of children. For the size of the area, the law requires 350 m², but the municipality could add an additional 150 m², ‘so that everyone gets 500 m² free of charge as long as the building stands. Job creation must be a priority. Unemployment in Borsec is small, according to the statistics of the last three years, the figure is 14-26 %.