Sports activities

Extreme sports enthusiasts

Thanks to the features of the landscape, fans of extreme sports can also find suitable recreational opportunities, both on land, on water, in the air and underground. The steep limestone walls are suitable for rock climbing, parachuting, gliding, caves to explore.

Climate conditions are particularly beneficial for winter sports lovers. The county is the cradle of one of the country’s major winter sports, ice hockey. Winter sports lovers can choose from several ski slopes. The most famous ski slopes are located in Hargitafördő, Madarasi-Harghita, Muresfő, Homoródfürdő, Bucsin-up, Gyergyócsomafalva, Maroshévíz, Borsec and Tusnad Bath.

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Sports facilities in Harghita county

Harghita county is not only rich in natural resources: it offers plenty of individual or family recreation and sports facilities.

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