Mountain Rescue Camp

The Mountain and Cave Rescue Service of Harghita County Council has recently paid a lot of attention to the education and training of young people in the field of mountain rescue, but not only. Since it’s a long and hard way to go to become a mountain rescuer, our public service has helped and facilitated the activities of young people who set themselves the goal of participate in mountain rescue through camps for young people.

Since the mountain rescue profession means great local knowledge, good communication with people, as well as first aid skills, young people who take part in our programs can almost be said that even if they won’t be mountain rescuers, they can be a tourist guide or a resident in tourism.

At the same time, in schools, our mountain rescuers provide guidance advice to young people on a monthly basis and encourage them to learn about mountain rescue as a profession.

It can be said that more than half of our volunteer rescuers will join our rescue teams in the impact of these hours and they will be the future mountain rescuers.

At the same time, young people who want to dig deeper into the mountain and cave rescue professions, we train them through education, and we also provide professional help through our own teachers and trainers.

(Source: Mountain and Cave Rescue Service of Harghita County Council,



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