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Traditional, local and Szekler product exhibition and fair

The Harghita County Development Agency, which is the sub-institution of the Harghita County Council, organises the monthly fair on the third weekend of each month within the framework of the Traditional, Local and Szekler product promotion program, as well as the producers’ access to foreign fairs.

The aim of the program is to promote and promote the traditional values of different regions of the county, local and traditional products and services among the population, and to protect and transmit cultural, gastronomic and handicraft traditions. In addition, we invest a great deal in promoting a healthy diet, as the artisan products appearing at the fairs are available in small quantities, healthy and the taste of grandmother’s cooking can also be found in them.

Currently there are more than 150 producers and more than 1,000 products under the auspices of the Szekler family. The description of the products can be found at the following link:

Small gardening program

The Kiskertész program takes place within the framework of the Rural Development Association of Harghita County Council, which is for students between 3 rd and 7th grades. Pupils receive vegetable seeds from which they can form their own seed. The aim of the program is to make the students love gardening and vegetable production year after year. In 2021, more than 1,300 students and 52 classes participated in the initiative.

For the best, be it an individual or a group, a commission visits and sees the garden in person. At the end of each year, ceremonial frames will also take place!

Szekler product trademark

More than 1100 products of 152 producers have the trade mark of Szekler Products — Produs Secuiesc, most of which are craftsmanship.

The Community trade mark for the sale of traditional products has created many jobs throughout Szeklerland over the past 12 years, and the brand name is now integrated not only with the concept of quality, but also with the notion of identity.

On the third Saturday of the month we offer a wide selection of delicious handicrafted foods at the local and traditional trade fair, and at the seasonal large castles folk costumes, ceramics, woven fabrics, felts, wood carved objects, salt products, toys and various accessories are also available.

Today, on World Crafts Day, I greet all craftsmen, I wish you perseverance in your tireless work and I trust in further good cooperation!

The producers we are proud of: Bálint Attila

It has been 8 years of Szekler Products — Produs Secuiesc is a trademark, and has been offering its tasty products to those who love delicious cheeses for 10 years. This is Attila Bálint, the founder of the cheese shop in Tekerőpatak.

The Szekler Farmer

The Szekler Farmer’s May show gives details about the agrarian register, healthy eating, the Szekler Product — Produs Secuiesc movement and monthly fairs.

#HargitaStúdió #HargitaNépe #Székelygazda Secuiesc — Produs Secuiesc

Harghita cheese based on the North Italian model

A three-day conference was organised by the Council of Harghita County and the Development Agency of Harghita County. In doing so, interested parties also had the opportunity to gain insight into the cheese-making process.