Me, the leader

At the workshop “I, the Leader”, qualified trainers provide leadership training for high school students. This includes improving young people’s skills and competences to better manage school or other types of community activities.

What’s it even about? Between 21 and 23 June, we will organize a leadership training in the incubator house for students of 11st and/or 12nd grade who have some form of connection to the management topic. It means: either you are already an active member/leader of a student organization, or you are taking an active role in your family business, and you intend to have a better understanding of the company’s management. What’s our goal? We want to address and improve your skills and competences with the help of our invited trainer to help you manage school or other types of community activities more successfully. During the training, the emphasis is placed on the knowledge of leadership and on how you can integrate the acquired knowledge into everyday management tasks. How do we want to achieve that? The training covers four major topics:

    Leadership tasks and styles;

    Assertive communication;

    Conflict prevention and management;

    Motivation by the leader.

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