About us

The Harghita Wants You Home! project

Most municipalities in Transylvania are facing the problem of students not returning home and local companies facing a shortage of skilled labour. The aim of the initiative is to attract young people studying in Cluj or other university towns back to their hometown after their university years. The job portal is part of the Your Town Wants You Home project, which links students from university towns with local companies in Harghita County.

Harghita is waiting for you! is a job portal for Harghita County residents, targeting two audiences:

Students and young adults from Harghita County who have left home
Companies, institutions and foundations from Harghita County, which can publish their job offers and contact job seekers.

Why go home when I have more opportunities in Cluj?

Harghita County can only become truly competitive if young people go home to build and develop it. There are also many job opportunities offered by employers here, but the cost of living is significantly lower than in larger cities, and the family and home environment can help young people and young families.

Nothing is happening at home, why not stay in Cluj? 

Come home and make a difference. The county government is constantly working to provide recreational and leisure opportunities for young people and families alike. To enrich and develop this, we need you, either as a participant or as an organiser. Get involved in the life of the city!

The site is free to use for both companies and jobseekers.

The site is run by the Harghita County Council.