10 tips for StartUps 

  1. Do what you love!
    When you decide to start a business, you have to take into account that it will require a lot of energy, so it is very important that you love what you do, and that will motivate you even in difficult times.
  2. Save money!
    Save money before starting a business. You have to think that a new business will not bring you enough profit from the very beginning. It is important, until you are employed or have a steady income, to set aside some money for the company you want to start.
  3. Don’t start this road alone!
    Both at the start and in the future you will need supporters. Choose from your friends or family members, supporters who can support you with advice. Along the way you may even need a mentor who can guide you based on your own experiences, successes and achievements.
  4. Establish partnerships!
    Look for partners, before your company has activity.
  5. Do market research! 
    Find people who may be interested in your company’s product and conduct market research: they would like to buy your products/services. Think: who might be in your target group and how can you reach them?
  6. Develop a business plan!
    Think about what you want and draw up a business plan in which you determine: what, where and how you will do it, to which market you will capitalize the products/services, how you will contact them, etc. To achieve your goal, what is the capital and assets you need and how much profit can you expect.
  7. Call a specialist!
    If you have questions write them down and find a subject matter expert who can guide you.
  8. Before starting a business, make sure you have savings to start!
    It is good to save some money before starting a business. Draw up a financial plan, write down what amount is needed for the start, for fixed expenses, for rent, salary and in the future for the development of the business.
  9. Inspire professionalism right from the start!
    You are the leader and the image of your company, in short: it reflects you. It is important that you work professionally from the beginning.
  10. Be informed about tax and legal topics!
    It is important both at the beginning and later, to be aware of the payment of taxes, deadlines, etc.. If you consider that your knowledge is not sufficient, you do not know enough about the legislation in force regarding business, contact a specialist, an accountant, a lawyer, who can help you.